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Dec 23, 2020
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Hi! Thanks for stopping by I created this blog as a way to share recipes with my friends, family, and the rest of the world. My philosophy about is very similar to my philosophy about cooking - it should be fun, low-stress, and absolutely delicious!

If you’d like to learn more about me, check out my about page.

I know that for many people, cooking is a chore. We’ve all gotta eat, and most of us don’t have the luxury of dining out every meal, hence, cooking. But I’m here to say cooking can be fun!

Here’s my case for it:

1.) Cooking makes a party. What I mean is, when you know how to cook, having people over for dinner doesn’t need to mean sad takeout in front of the TV. Instead, impress your friends with tomato confit pasta and a nice bottle of chilled red. Who knows, by the end of the night you might even end up bumping Drake? As I write this in Corona time, doing this with your pod of 2? 1? sounds pretty lit.

2.) You must cook, so why does it need to be a terrible experience? Cooking is something you’ll likely do a minimum of several times a week, so if you can find a way to make it fun (…and tasty?) why not do it? Throw on your favorite music, find a recipe that really speaks to you, and cook something that you know you love to eat.

3.) It’s creative! You may be thinking - what about following a recipe involves creativity? The truth is, recipes are just guidelines for experimentation. There are a few best practices that I would recommend you follow, but as long as you’re not baking, you can cook dishes exactly how you like them. Which brings me to my second point…

Cooking should be low-stress. What does this mean? Well, you don’t need every ingredient in a recipe to cook it. You also don’t need to add chipotle peppers if you hate them. What!? How can this be?? Cooking is creative and something you can 100% control. Everything you make can be exactly how you like for it to taste. Huge sweet tooth? Add brown sugar to your chili. Hate anchovies? (Gasp!) Skip ‘em.

On mistakes. Mistakes are a part of life so expect them to happen, especially if you’re new to the kitchen. And they shouldn’t be something to stress about! Everyone burns the bottom of their soup or overcooks their fish sometimes, what’s important is learning from those mistakes and being unafraid to try again. Just because you messed up one time cooking clams doesn’t mean that you can’t cook clams. Practice makes perfect, but expect to be imperfect - no one gets it right ALL of the time.

Finally, food should be delicious! Eating is one of life’s greatest pleasures, so cooking food that gives you ASMR vibes is the goal. On this site, you’ll find a brain dump of recipes - from long project cooks to quick weeknight meals. I hope you’ll find some that speak to you! These recipes are simply guidelines for you to create your own classics, so don’t be afraid to substitute lime for lemon or oregano for thyme if that’s what works for you.

A few notes: if you’re new to the kitchen, check out my recipes that are tagged as “easy.” Vegan or vegetarian? I’ve tagged my recipes that fit those guidelines, so a simple keyword search will pull up recipes for you.

Cook with me!